Weekly Workshops

Mindfulness and Meditation

TUESDAYS and WEDNESDAYS of each Week; Mindfulness Meditation Guidance in Stillness, sleep better,get more focus and energy Breathing Exercises A richer and deeper experience of day to day life. Quiet Guided Meditation Time: 12.30 to 1pm Venue: Wellintown Reflection Centre, Level 1 / 35 Victoria St Wellington. Between the Green Man Pub and Central Police Station. All welcome

Movement Coaching

Every MONDAY lunch; Janine Archer Movement Coach hosts 60 minute sessions. I teach you what chronic comfort feels like through slow, gentle movement.

They focus on making your life easier and more comfortable while sitting, turning, bending and reaching at your desk. Clients take movements away that they can practice at their desks to aid breathing, relaxation and support of hard-working shoulders and necks.

12.00 to 1pm Venue: Wellintown Reflection Centre, Level 1 / 35 Victoria St Wellington. Between the Green Man Pub and Central Police Station. All welcome

Invigourating whakapapa

24-26 June 2016

For some whakapapa may be genealogy, for others it is a connection to history. It is all of these things and more. It is a complex idea and at times it is untranslatable.

To simplify - it is the pu rakau, a story of the inter-relationships between people. As a relational framework, it affirms our cultural identity. It is a means through which we can place ourselves
in the world and in relationship to each other. Whakapapa embraces the complexity of relationship, and recognises within us our obligations and accountabilities.

In this workshop we will explore whakapapa and the meaning this has for us in Aotearoa NewZealand in 2016.

Friday 24 June: 7.00pm – 9..00pm
Saturday 25 June: 9.30am – 5.30pm
Sunday 26 June: 9.30am – 5.00pm
VENUE: Level One, 35 Victoria St., Wellington City
FEE: $300.00 (inc GST) Some places are available at a reduced rate

Sheryl Horomona-Gardyne has been drawn by the mysteries of life and our journeys that are immersed within whakapapa and narrative stories. All that exists in the world seems to be in our indigenous narratives. This intrigues her and invites her to explore them more deeply as she trains to be certified as a psychodramatist. She is prompted to ask how can our interpretations be integrated utilizing past, current and imagined understanding of our narratives.
Sheryl is an advanced psychodrama trainee with the CITP.

E Tu ana au ki te rae o tôku maunga Manaia
Ka titiro au ki nga tae hihi ki nga tai haha o Ngunguru
Ka huri taku kanohi ki Te Tupuna Whare e tû nei ara ko Paratene Te Manu
Ko NgâPuhi Te Iwi
Ko tenei au
Ko Sheryl Horomona-Gardyne tâku ingoa

Bev Hosking is an experienced counsellor, group worker and supervisor who has been in private practice since 1987. She is a Trainer, Educator and Practitioner in the psychodrama method (TEP) and the Executive Director of the Wellington Psychodrama Training Institute.
She has professional membership of New Zealand Association of Counsellors and the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association. Bev has been actively pursuing new approaches for us to meet with each other so that we can
develop our capacities to respond creatively to our current social, cultural and political realities.

She works with active methods to promote social dialogue and am committed to bringing
spontaneity and creativity to all aspects of life and work.

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Email: Enquiries: email Bev or phone: 021 117 9383 or Sheryl: 027 255 7817

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