Signs of Change/Transformation in One’s Life

  1. Growing discomfort with your familiar environment which can manifest as feelings that you are no longer satisfied with your life, work, relationships, life style.
  2. An absolute awareness that something in your life has changed and that, although you may not be certain what the future holds, you definitely cannot turn back and live as you had before.
  3. A growing curiosity about your personal needs and a passion to discover what they are, and to have them validated by someone who understands what you are experiencing.
  4. The emergence of skills you never knew you possessed and a shift in your perception of reality; often this new sensibility reflects the emergence of a much deeper intuitive skill.
  5. The inability to identify why you are saturated with low-grade depression or exhaustion.
  6. Sensations of liberation unlike any you have ever known before, as if you have broken away from invisible chains that had attached you to repetitive patterns of behaviour that no longer suit the size of your spirit.
  7. A need for more contact with nature or more time alone.
  8.  An emerging sense of a new identity, which can include discovering new ambitions, or desiring to live an entirely new lifestyle.
  9. A growing curiosity about areas related to self-development either by choice or necessity.
  10. A growing dissatisfaction with institutional religion and a need to seek out spirituality. You may also begin to have spiritual experiences through quiet times, meditation, walking etc.
  11. A shift in your relationship to time. We have often been driven by an external linear force that moves us through the stages of life from youth to elderly years. What you accomplish and how rapidly you succeed are calibrated by success. Another form of time becomes increasingly relative, as you discover the power of your conscious mind, your soul’s journey. You no longer need to be controlled by group timing, but have the option of pursuing how the Spirit leads you. You come to believe that age has nothing to do with creativity, love or the enjoyment of life.

Each one of these represents a kind of challenge; either a new irritation or discomfort that you need to alleviate, or a new orientation, a skill or power that you may want to utilise. Enduring and resolving challenges seems to be the hallmark of the journey, often described as the desert experience or the dark night of the soul.

(Adapted from Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can by Caroline Myss)