Member of New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists

Contact details:

Cell: 027 674 6698

My Services

I have experience in working with individuals, couples and groups.   I offer psychotherapy for couples and individuals , supervision and teaching. My training is in psychodrama and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and both inform how I practice.  I am particularly interested in relationship of all kinds – be it between couples, colleague-colleague, boss-worker and the internal relationships that individuals have within that drive how they act in the world.

Couple work

I am trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy which is a scientific researched method for understanding relationships and which I have found to be effective for both couples and individuals.  I work collaboratively with couples to help them establish a secure connection with each other and to overcome the negative ways of interacting with each other. This includes finding ways to be open to each other’s needs for loving connection.  Often this requires repair of past hurts, taking time to be with each other without distraction and finding ways to feel appreciation and communicate it to each other.



Individual work

I work with individuals to help them reflect on their current life situation with more understanding and wisdom, to bring about change.

Issues that people bring vary and may include anxiety or depression, loneliness, feelings of inadequacy or loss or being stuck, workplace difficulties, life transitions, communication issues, sexual issues.


Group work

I work with groups to articulate their purpose and bring that to the fore as they communicate with each other.  I am interested in catching the moments between us where distance over-rides understanding so that each group member has more self-understanding about what draws them close to others and what moves them apart.  And the impact this movement has on others.






I work with people to provide a setting for self-reflection and inquiry into aspects of their functioning in the workplace. Areas of discussion vary widely but can include things such as time-management, career planning, unresolved tensions with colleagues, professional effectiveness, self-development, workplace dynamics and doubts about one’s output.

Between us we spend energy focused on specific questions or concerns to enhance the quality of response one can make taking the next step

“I work with individuals to help them reflect on their current life situation with more understanding and wisdom."