Co facilitator for the award-winning "One for the Blokes" workshops - about positive mental health for men.    For more details see:

Co facilitator for the award-winning "One for the Blokes" workshops - about positive mental health for men.

For more details see:

Credentials and Qualifications;

Post grad Diploma in Organisational and Personal Behaviours and Business and Administration in Management, Certificate in Supervision (Human Services), Certificate in Advanced Critical Incident Stress Management, Certificate in Management and Treatment of Anger and Aggression.

Contact details

Cell: 021 841 108


Peter Roe


I was born and bred in the Capital and educated at St Patrick’s College, Silverstream. Now in my mid years, which I like to call the creative wisdom years, I am retired from all bruising sports except water polo. I swim regularly. I am a regular visitor to the Westpac Trust Stadium and am often seen singing in the city at various functions.


Over the last 20 years, I have been proactive in the field of personal and organisational wellness and development. I am excited by this work and find it very fulfilling.

This work has taken me into many businesses and organisations, particularly within the emergency services sector in the Wellington region. I work with managers, employees and their families who encounter deep issues relating to critical incidences, trauma, natural disasters, grief and loss


Services for businesses





My Experience

I am a wellness coach
and adviser to:

  • New Zealand Police

  • New Zealand Fire Service

  • Ambulance Services

  • Maritime New Zealand

  • Search and Rescue New Zealand

  • Life Flight Trust

  • Royal New Zealand Navy

  • Statistics New Zealand

  • Wellington City Council

  • Christchurch City Council

  • My philosophy

    I am a man of hope.  I deeply believe that difficulties do not go away.  They must be worked through or else they remain a barrier to one’s growth and development.

    Failure, when acknowledged and acted upon, can become a springboard to new possibilities and new beginnings.

    Hope is an essential ingredient. We have to surround ourselves with positive, authentic people.  That’s how we live and learn to laugh again.


    “We have to surround ourselves with positive authentic people; that’s how we learn to live and laugh again."

    I realise in my own life that I have a busy life. Time is taken up by a thousand demanding voices. I have to find the time and the space to look after myself. As Stephen Covey says, "We are inside out people. Get the inside right and the outside will take care of itself".

    So I swim each day, spend an hour somewhere in the day to be still and read appropriate reflective writings on wellness and on some good relevant spiritual writings to assist that stillness and quiet time.

    I love to sing, so where I can I
    take the opportunities to enjoy this gift. These three areas certainly enable me to live life well, but it still has to be worked on constantly and that’s the challenge for me.
    I am a Marist and within this weaves a 'spirituality' of presence, inclusiveness, openness  and gentleness to oneself and to others.


    “Pete is an extraordinary man, capable of extraordinary things”
    (Andrew Barney Department of Management and International Business Albany Campus Massey University Albany, Auckland.)